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Castaway Cove
Shelter Bay#6

They’ve never met. But they’re destined for each other…
Single dad Mac Culhane has traveled to some of the world’s most dangerous war zones, but now he and his young daughter have settled in Shelter Bay, where he’s become the late-night DJ for the local radio station. The last thing he expects is to connect over the airwaves with a caller. . .
After a painful divorce, Annie Shepherd opened up a scrapbook store in town and started volunteering with local senior citizens. Although she loves her work, dreams of the family she longs for keep her up late, listening to Mac Culhane’s voice on the radio.
When Mac and Annie finally meet in person, the attraction between them is instantaneous. But Annie isn’t ready to lay her heart on the line, and neither is Mac. Fortunately, no one in Shelter Bay is about to let a perfect match escape the magic of true love
. . .


"I loved this book as much as, if not more, than the first five in this series. I laughed, cried and finally sighed at how everything ends up. If you haven’t read this series, you are missing out on another great small town and its cast of characters. Highly recommended for romance lovers of any ilk." ~ Romance Junkies Reviews

"From the sweet fantasy of a phone relationship with a midnight DJ to the awkward fits and starts of a would-be affair and then romance between two authentically drawn characters, plus the engaging cast of secondary characters—including Mac’s family, Annie’s friends and some Shelter Cove “regulars” whom fans of the series will be happy to see—Ross has created a tale readers will care about, set in an idyllic town where many would love to live.

"Both sexy and touching, with the humor, heart and emotional depth romance fans expect from Ross." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"I really liked both characters, who showed a vulnerability about them that made them hesitant to put their hearts on the line. . .  This small town romance sizzled between the radio king and his scrapbooking queen, and left people wanting more."  ~ Cocktails and Books

"Shelter Bay series has been a pleasure to read. These are low-key stories, pure romance, set in a nice town, with characters who are good people.  There are returning soldiers, but they do not have problems they cannot handle and the townspeople are fairly supportive while reflecting real-life America.  Ross reminds us that our normal lives are worth writing about, and that regular lives have stories to tell. . .

"Love is definitely in the air in Shelter Bay. Will the breeze be strong enough to catch two wounded hearts and wrap them into a new whole?" ~ RT Book Reviews